Hybrid PoW / PoS CryptoCurrency SorachanCoin

A Drive(HDD/SSD) failure prediction utilizing BLOCKCHAIN technology

■ PoW Solo Mining usage

1, CPU minor or GPU minor will be downloaded.

Either minor, the setting after the second is the same.
※ We both have confirmed the operation by operation.

[CPU Minor]

※ In the case of CPU minor, it works only with this.
※ In the case of GPU minor, you will need CUDA separately and install it first.

[GPU minor]

CUDA 8.0: https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-80-ga2-download-archive
※ We will install CUDA 8.0 first. This is the fundamental part of running the GPU.

2, Open SorachanCoin.conf as a notepad and set the item of server to "server=1".

Also, copy the value described in rpcpassword. SorachanCoin.conf is located in the data folder.
In particular, if nothing is specified and started ...
※ C drive => user folder => user name => AppData => Roaming => SorachanCoin.
If you specify -datadir, it will be the designated destination.

3, Launch Wallet. Wait for synchronization to finish.

※ Click the "receive coin" tab and copy receiving address.

4, Create "start.bat" in the folder where the minor program is saved.

Open that "start.bat" by editing and keep the following contents.
./minerd260.exe -a scrypt -o -u sora -p (here for rpcpassword) --coinbase-addr=(receipt address of the coin)
※ Please rewrite the minor program name to the one you downloaded. (./ccminer.exe for GPU minor)

■ When mining result becomes "BOO",
try restarting by adding the following option before --coinbase-addr in the "start.bat".
Example: ./ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o -u sora -p (here for rpcpassword) --no-gbt --coinbase-addr = (receipt address of the coin)

5, Let's start double click on "start.bat", with this, it is minor from today.