Hybrid PoW / PoS CryptoCurrency SorachanCoin

A Drive(HDD/SSD) failure prediction utilizing BLOCKCHAIN technology

■ How to install and usage Wallet

□ The program works alone by static-link.

■ Install and Usage:

  • 1, After downloading the SorachanCoin-qt.zip(>> here), it will be expanded to any folder.
  • 2, You right-click on mouse the SorachanCoin-qt.exe, you will click "Send" "Desktop (Create Shortcut)" from the menu. You will create a shortcut on the desktop with this.
  • 3, You right-click the shortcut, you will click "Properties", you look at the link destination field.
    you add "-datadir=installation folder path" here after the link destination space, leaving a space between.
  • 4, You double-click the shortcut to launch the SorachanCoin!
  • 5, For the first time only, it takes a few hours to synchronize the Blockchain. Would you wait until synchronization is complete.
  • 6, After synchronization is complete, Let's encrypt the wallet! It is in the menu above.
  • 7, It has completed encrypted, the wallet will close once. It is successful if it starts again and a key mark appears in the lower right.
  • 8, Finally, back up your wallet before using. Please make sure to do this backup from the menu above!
    ※ Note: When your wallet will trouble near future this first backup is so important.

■ Uninstall:

It only removes contain the folder with this the executable file (SorachanCoin-qt.exe). It does not use the Registry.

■ Upgrade:

It will be completed only by overwriting the executable file (SorachanCoin-qt.exe, SorachanCoind).

■ Note:

SorachanCoin wallet WON'T contain anycode that are detrimental to users of mining programs etc. However, it is often judged only by wallet alone in point.

In such a case, it will be a false decision, so it would be appreciated if you could exclude the folder storing this wallet. We will keep in mind to create a secure wallet, so in the future, thank you for your consideration.

○ We have been confirmed that there is no problem by ESET Internet Security (it is not detected as a virus).
○ We have been confirmed that there is no problem by trendmicro VirusBuster (it is not detected as a virus).