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A Drive(HDD/SSD) failure prediction utilizing BLOCKCHAIN technology

■ How to install and usage Benchmark

□ The program works alone by static link.

■ Install:

Downloading the zip file, and just expand it after put it anywhere. Just run the extracted the executable file (SSD_HEAT_benchmark.exe).

■ Uninstall:

It only removes the executable file (SSD_HEAT_benchmark.exe). It does not use the Registry.

■ Upgrade:

It will be completed only by overwriting the executable file (SSD_HEAT_benchmark.exe).

■ Usage:

Execution requires administrator privileges. We have signed a formal digital signature for Certification authority.

Look at the Drive Model Name and select it from the combobox to start.

Random Generator:mt19937, Xorshift, OpenSSL or Mix
Max Threads:192 threads.

Even with the NVMe SSD, 33 threads are enough. In the near future, we are assuming high-speed SSDs that will come out.

Min Threads:3 threads. (HDD mode)